DSL Access: Get Connected, Get High-Speed Internet

You need to get online – it’s essential to your daily life. Make getting online the easiest part of your day when you have DSL high-speed Internet. So why DSL? Having DSL access fulfills your online needs, and then some.

With fast speeds and bundling options, DSL Internet access gets you online without the hassle – without dropping connections, or slowing you down.

DSL access speed basics: and how to access DSL

What makes DSL different than other Internet providers? Mostly the technology.

DSL access is possible because of a landline. A landline runs offers DSL Internet access that is reliable and uninterrupted – that means no dialing in and no waiting around.

When you have DSL access, you can easily:

  • Download videos
  • Download large files
  • Play online games
  • Share and play music
  • Upload pictures

Fast download speeds is just the beginning – call the DSL experts today to get the best deals and lowest rates on DSL in your area.

In the past, to get DSL Internet access you needed a home phone – but that’s not necessarily the case anymore. More and more DSL providers are offering high-speed Internet without a home phone – otherwise known as naked DSL.

Naked DSL Internet access vs. dial-up

Naked DSL service is no different than standard DSL service – you get fast speeds with no interruptions just without a landline phone.

Wait, doesn’t dial-up also use a landline? True, but DSL doesn’t have the limitations that dial-up technology does. With DSL, you are free to get online and use the phone at the same time – you can even order both DSL Internet and a home phone service together.

But, there is one big advantage to DSL with a home phone – bundling.

DSL high-speed Internet bundles: home phone + Internet

What makes bundling one of the most beneficial DSL basics? Mostly the convenience. You can order both home phone and DSL high-speed Internet on the same phone call.

  • DSL high-speed Internet + home phone. This is one of the most popular bundling options – both require a phone line. Get a fast DSL connection and reliable home phone for your household all on the same phone call.
  • DSL Internet + home phone + TV. Your house is where you entertain family and friends – and where you go when you want to relax. Internet, TV and phone are three services you can get all in the same place to make your home not only a great place to relax, but a place you can rely on.

Bundles are just one facet of DSL Internet access. Call today, and get great deals on DSL in your neighborhood.