Cheap DSL: How to Get More for Less

You want fast Internet, but you want it for a price that you’re comfortable with. DSL strikes a great balance between affordable Internet and fast Internet.

Fast Internet + affordable Internet = DSL

How do you strike the perfect balance between cheap DSL and Internet that gets you online fast? Easy – you explore your options.

The great thing about DSL service is that it’s not limited to one price point or one download speed. You have tons of options so you can find a DSL service that fits both your budget and your online needs.

Here’s how it usually works. The faster your DSL plan, the more it is. That’s because you need more support for faster speeds – more support means you can watch movies, download content-rich material and upload content in no time.

DSL is great at mixing affordability with quality Internet because it’s a basic technology that’s available in a lot of different places.

With some Internet services, you can see pricey startup costs and installation fees because you need a lot of new equipment. DSL service makes use of your existing phone line, so from the beginning you’re saving time and potentially money.

Saving on equipment is just one way to get the most affordable DSL service. Other ways that DSL providers make Internet affordable is by offering great perks like:

  • Free 24/7 customer service.
  • Free security suite to protect your online information.
  • Free email accounts.

Wait – doesn’t dial-up use phone line technology too? Wouldn’t that mean that DSL is slow? Nope.

DSL service does use a landline, but in a much different way than a dial-up service does. Getting online and using the phone at the same time is only possible with DSL – not dial-up.

Because DSL uses your landline, it is a perfect Internet service to bundle with home phone – which makes your Internet that much more affordable.

Affordable DSL: Make the most of your DSL with a bundle

Cheap DSL Internet doesn’t mean it can’t be quality Internet – bundling is a big part of that. Bundles, with DSL and home phone, make getting both services inexpensive. You can order both on the same phone call, and get the added security a landline brings to the table. Even if you aren’t looking for a home phone service, consider bundling: it saves you time, it adds reliability, and can even make your DSL more affordable.