DSL Connection: How it Works, Why You Need It

With so many Internet options out there, why is DSL connection a top choice? Simple – fast, smart, easy technology.

DSL (digital subscriber line) providers use straightforward technology to ensure you get a reliable and fast DSL connection. How does DSL work exactly?

One of the most important parts of a DSL Internet connection is the modem. Think of a modem as a translator – it ensures that your DSL provider and your computer can communicate with one another.

The DSLAM (digital subscriber line access multiplexer) is where your DSL landline ends – there it collects data from your modem and sends it back to you.

When you have a DSL connection, you get fast speeds to accommodate a ton of different online needs. With DSL, you can:

  • Play online games. Become the online gamer you always dreamed of being when you have fast DSL speeds.
  • Download videos, pictures and more. A lot of online activity centers on downloading – be it funny YouTube videos, breaking news clips or pictures from friends. A DSL connection supports all kinds of download activities.
  • Listen and share music. More and more online music applications are popping up – which means you need a fast Internet connection to keep up with the music you love.

Getting a quick and reliable DSL connection is as easy as making a phone call. Call our DSL experts today to find out what DSL options are available in your neighborhood.

Can I get a DSL connection?

Cable and fiber optic Internet are fast, sure – but not everyone gets to take advantage of those fast speeds. That’s because cable and fiber optic Internet are only available in select parts of the country, mostly in densely populated areas like big cities. A DSL Internet connection is fast, and available in more places.

What makes a DSL connection so available? The simple phone line technology.

Fiber optic cables we know are super-fast, but fiber optic networks take a long time to set up. Cable networks are only available where a lot of people live in the same vicinity. DSL phone lines reach areas far outside cities, making a DSL Internet connection a possibility in more areas.

So how do you speed up Internet service in your area? Call today and get an affordable and fast DSL plan.