DSL Services: Why You Should Get DSL

You work from home. You play games. You download movies. You upload vacation pictures. You spend a lot of time online. Make that time as enjoyable as possible with a fast DSL Internet service.

DSL services cover a wide range of budgets – which is great, since you have a wide range of online needs. That’s just one of the benefits of DSL Internet – the options.

What are my DSL options?

Options make it possible for you to choose the Internet plan that covers your needs best. When it comes to DSL, first you have to decide either:

  • Naked DSL
  • Bundled DSL

Naked DSL is basically standalone DSL service, while bundled DSL is the exact opposite. Bundles combine multiple home services together – the benefit? You can get TV, Internet and home phone all at the same time for some of the lowest prices available. DSL and phone is one of the most popular bundling options, mostly because the technology needed for both is the same – a landline.

Other great DSL options and benefits include:

  • Uninterrupted multi-tasking. A DSL connection uses your landline – but it uses it in a way that unlike dial-up, you can get online and use a home phone at the same time. That gives you the freedom and ease to get online without worrying you’re going to get bumped offline at any moment.
  • Faster than dial-up. You don’t want to just get online – you want to get online fast. DSL is one of the fastest and most available Internet options – speeds are routinely fast enough to download videos, music, play games and much more.
  • Extensive coverage area. So if dial-up is so slow, why do people still have it? Mostly because it is available in just about every town in every city in every state in the country. DSL is faster than dial-up, and is also available in both rural areas and highly populate cities. That extensive coverage area helps make DSL Internet service one of the most popular choices for Internet across the country.
    • What DSL services are available in your area? It only takes one phone call to find out. Call our DSL experts today to get the best deals on DSL in your area. Don’t wait on slow Internet – make the upgrade to DSL when you order now.