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DSL, or digital subscriber line, Internet is a high speed option that works using a home's existing phone lines. Specifically, DSL Internet splits the existing phone line in a home or business so that part of it works to provide Internet access and the other part still permits phone call functionality. But unlike the old, traditional dial-up Internet, DSL providers are able to offer high speed Internet access and phone calls simultaneously.

Why choose high speed DSL access?

Another great thing about this type of broadband Internet access is that high speed DSL is affordable. In fact, when compared to cable Internet, satellite Internet or fiber optic Internet services, to access DSL is the most affordable with some plans starting as low as $19.95/month! Here's a look at several of the other benefits of DSL:

  • DSL High Speed: Yes, DSL is a form of high speed Internet access, so it's fast. How fast? This largely depends on your provider and your plan, but it's not uncommon for broadband DSL to reach a top speed of 25 Mbps in some areas. That's fast and comparable to the other types of high speed Internet options offered today, not to mention several times faster than dial-up.
  • Always On: We already touched on this, but it's worth mentioning again - DSL is always on. There's no connecting and reconnecting, as there is with dial-up. To start your Internet session, all you need to do is click the Internet browser and surf away. Here's another great thing about DSL - it won't slow down in peak times. Yes, you'll get the same high-quality speeds 24/7/365 with DSL Internet. For comparison's sake, cable Internet has the tendency to slow down during peak user times because users share networks.
  • Easy Installation: We already told you a bit about how affordable DSL is compared to other Internet options (plans start under $20 in some areas). But another nice thing about DSL broadband is that it's also easy to have installed. Unlike cable, satellite or fiber optic Internet, which can take several hours for a trained technician to install, DSL takes only a fraction of the time. The reason, as you may recall, is because DSL Internet works with home phone lines, which is existing infrastructure in the home or office. In fact, DSL is so easy to install that you might not even need a professional to assist you - you may be able to do it yourself. Yes, cheap DSL is also convenient.
  • Widely Available: There's a great chance that DSL is available in your area. In fact, it's available just about anywhere. Why? Because there's demand for it due to it's low cost and high performance quality and also because it works with existing home or business infrastructure.
  • Bundled: DSL can also be bundled with other services, helping customers save on price and obtain another essential service for their home or business.

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