Naked DSL: Cover your Internet Needs

First things first – what exactly is naked DSL?

Essentially, naked DSL is your typical DSL service, just stripped of any home phone service.

Traditionally. DSL was only available if you had a home phone service – but now DSL providers have made their DSL options more versatile – that’s where naked DSL comes in. Now you have the option to dedicate your landline solely to broadband DSL, without having a home phone.

Naked DSL pros and cons


  • Dedicated DSL line.
  • Usually, naked DSL plans cost less than standalone cable Internet.


  • No bundling opportunities.
  • No home phone in emergencies.

DSL bundles: make affordable DSL even MORE affordable

What’s the thought behind bundling? Tons of Internet providers offer it, but when did bundling even become the norm?

It didn’t take DSL providers long to figure out that their customers need more than just Internet – they need multiple home services. Bundling is one of the best ways to accommodate the many needs that you have. That’s why bundling is one of the most popular options when it comes to getting affordable DSL.

DSL and home phone is arguably the most popular bundle – mostly because they use the same landline, so it takes little to no extra preparation to get both set up.

A lot of people just use their cellphones instead of a home phone – true, cellphones are necessary – but a home phone has something that not even smartphones have: 100% reliability.

DSL bundles with home phone make your home just that much more prepared – in an emergency, in a blackout, and even when your cellphone battery dies – a landline phone is dependable. Because it uses your phone line, and not cellphone towers, you don’t have to worry about dropping signals or being in a bad service area.

Call today, and you learn more about DSL bundles, naked DSL and what broadband DSL options are available in your area. Get all your DSL questions answered and get on your way to faster, smarter Internet.